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LionFish Ltd


Towards data-focused and data-driven Agribusiness, Information and People services for Vanuatu


Vanuatu Origin...83 Islands…100 Cultures…10 000 Voices


Company Description:


LionFish Ltd, as a local company in Vanuatu, arises from the shared Vision and collaboration of African Pacific and the Wilson family in Vanuatu.


The Vision of the business is for “measurable improve the livelihoods of farmers and growers of Vanuatu” through data-focused and data-driven Agribusiness, Information and People services.


The Mission of the business is to, in collaboration with strategic partners, “create online profiles, mentor and accredit” 10 000 lead farmers/growers in Vanuatu through the market integration of the core agricultural value chains in Vanuatu, including Coconut, Cocoa, Coffee, Cattle and Carbon.


LionFish Ltd is a consultancy and information-based business in Vanuatu, with its core competitiveness arising through strong local and international experience specialising in agriculturally based development outcomes, as well as the exclusive national licensee of the CertLink Information and Management Systems ( in Vanuatu.


The core clients are commercially-focused farmers and growers of Vanuatu, with LionFish offering professional agribusiness, information and people services at farm gate, allowing clients to use the different services on offer to achieve improve output, quality and returns through direct market integration with the international clients.


Through agriculturally based market integration services and contracts for its clients, LionFish will engage into agreements with clients on agricultural data collection systems, which will allow LionFish to raise revenue through Agricultural Subscriptive Information Services (ASIS).  This suite of services includes full track and trace of product and people, social impact data and 3rd party accreditation in organic, fair and sustainable value chain services towards various interested parties including buyers, processors, government institutions, donor & other development agencies.


LionFish also plans to offer additional “communication, information and database” services or Data Subscriptive Information Services (DSIS) to third parties who wish to create private or public, internal, web-based communication services for business, community or advocacy based institutions.


A key component of the work LionFish will be to enable a data driven and data focused agricultural environment in Vanuatu.  LionFish has designated up to 30% of generated revenue to support the training and skilling of key personnel of local partners in the implementation of the CertLink Information and Management Systems.

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