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"The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many." ~ John Naisbitt



Welcome to the first CertLink Update for 2013.  


This year brings many exciting opportunities for the sustainable agriculture sector in Vanuatu and the CertLink team are enthused about the prospects. 


It has indeed been a busy time for CertLink in the first few months of 2013 so this is an action packed mail-out.  We would like to thank all stakeholders, growers, businesses, departments, institutions  and especially the Government of Vanuatu for their commitment and their support to achieve our mutual vision of “By 2015, Vanuatu to be lead innovator in small scale agricultural management systems…Globally”.  Our designated role of assisting in the data coordination and the integration of the value chains in cocoa, coffee, coconut, cattle and climate change is highly collaborative and co-creative multi-stakeholder initiative, and our recent successes are testimony to the potential of Vanuatu Agriculture and the impact it must have in the aspirations of a “Healthy, Wealthy Vanuatu”.


The CertLink mandate is becoming more defined in discussions over the past months to currently read: “to create online profiles, mentor and accredit 10 000 professional Vanuatu growers (from a pool of 50 000 potential commercial growers) and connect them with international markets & 10 000 customers around the world”.  The direct linkages and contracts between Vanuatu growers and international markets and customers through a platform structured on ICT for Development (ICT4D) we believe will not only assist in the creation of a foundation bringing stability, transparency and growth to Vanuatu Agriculture, but finally create a stage for the voices of the growers in Vanuatu.  I have no doubt, that this is the sincere vision for all of us who know that farmers remain the backbone of the Vanuatu economy.


We thank you all again and hope you will enjoy the update… it is your success…



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Best wishes from the CertLink Team



CERTLINK - Innovating Vanuatu Agriculture through Data & Information Coordination.


Our Vision – “By 2015, Vanuatu to be lead innovator in small scale agricultural management systems…Globally”


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