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"The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many." ~ John Naisbitt



Welcome to the first CertLink Update for 2013.  


This year brings many exciting opportunities for the sustainable agriculture sector in Vanuatu and the CertLink team are enthused about the prospects. 


In the News

  • Vanuatu coconuts go organic: Vanuatu is converting its largest coconut plantations to organic (Australian Organic / BFA) More coconut coverage below...
  • Kava chocolate – A mix of Vanuatu’s best commodities (Daily Post)
  • Organic beef price almost double conventional (Australian Organic)
  • Fiji’s Rotuma island progressing towards becoming fully organic (Radio NZ)
  • New standard reference on the climate mitigation potential of organic agriculture (Roundtable on Organic Ag & Climate Change)
  • The CTA’s SPORE magazine Cocoa Dossier reports - “With the market in full swing, governments are taking a renewed interest in cocoa....  In producer countries, public-private partnerships are trying to boost production and win niche markets. The challenge is to make markets work better for farmers while ensuring that production is more environmentally sustainable. ... just 6% of world output is certified as organic, 1% as fairtrade and about 1% Rainforest Alliance...”.  Download the full e-zine here (Sept-Oct 2012 issue; 2.5MB).
  • ISEAL, whose members include IOAS, SAN/Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Fairtrade International, have identifieda significant increase in participation in certification from cocoa farmers, and have seen mainstream commitments from leading buyers in the last few years’. 
  • UTZ Certified’s 2012 Annual Report shows some impressive market shares, certifying 8% of worldwide coffee production and 13% of cocoa.
  • What's In A Certification? - US National Public Radio examines Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certifications in the context of smallholder coffee growers


Vanuatu Coconut Certification media coverage:


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Organic Certification Achieved

Organic Copra Price Premium Announced

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